February 2, 2016 @ 7:00p Conway Regional Fitness Center
Open – Call to Order Ed Raniszeski, President
Pledge of Allegiance Joe Lehmann
Review 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes Mandy Taylor, Secretary
Review 2016 Financial Report Claudia Weaver, Treasurer
2016 Budget Ed Raniszeski & Claudia Weaver
Review Old Business Mandy Taylor & Ed Raniszeski
PNA Board VP & Member at Large Nominations Ed Raniszeski
Election of PNA Board Officers for 2016




Ed Raniszeski, President

VACANT, Vice President

Claudia Weaver, Treasurer

Mandy Taylor, Secretary

PNA Community Survey Ed Raniszeski
New Business: 1. Community Identity Theme/How to Distinguish

2. Entrance

- Plant & Tree Trimming & Maintenance

- Sprinkler Maintenance

- Water costs

- New/Additional plants

- Holiday Décor

- Flagpole & American Flag

3. Animal Control Ordinance Review

4. Child Trespass/Fence Climbing

5. Trash Container Ordinance Review

6. Architectural Control

7. PNA Social Media


PNA Annual Member Meeting Minutes  February 2, 2016   7:00 PM

-  18 of 44 households were represented at meeting

- President Ed Raniszeski opened meeting, Joe Lehmann led the pledge of allegiance

-  Secretary, Mandy Taylor, read 2015 Annual Meeting minutes; the minutes were affirmed by voice vote

-  Treasury update by Claudia Weaver

 -  17 of 44 households had paid 2016 dues by date of meeting

Old Business

-  No old business was discussed by PNA Members

- Ed Raniszeski requested nominations for VP and Member at Large Nomination; no nominations for either position were made

- President Raniszeski explained that the Year-end 2015 Report would be distributed to the Membership with the Annual Meeting minutes and when all final accounting had been completed

 New Business

2016 Board Direction

- A Pippinpost Community Survey was distributed and completed anonymously during the meeting

- President Raniszeski explained that the Board would not be presenting a 2016 Expense Budget until the Board understood what Membership’s needs and wishes are and where the Membership wanted to focus activities and spending. The Board will seek and assess Member inputs and develop a 2016 Action Plan supported by a 2016 Budget that reflects the priorities of the PNA.

- The PNA Board will be an action-oriented group that will endeavor to involve broad Member involvement on a diverse scope of activities. The Board will target early Spring 2016 to provide Membership with the 2016 Action Plan and Budget

- The Board will work to establish in 2016 a clear path of PNA leadership succession that will drive a long-term strategic view of Pippinpost’s value, role and place in the broader scope of other Conway and Faulkner County neighborhoods and properties

- The Board will work to improve all levels of communications to and from PNA Membership as well as the at-large Conway community.

Entrance Discussion:

-  President Ed Raniszeski asked about routine plant and tree trimming

-  Sue Hines stated that the grasses and shrubs need to be pruned by the end of February

-  Vivian Smith recommended Alan Daigle as a possible maintenance vendor if needed

-  Sue Hines suggested needing seasonal/colorful flowers at entrance

-  Denise Williams stated that Grass Roots will plant "color" twice a year according to our contract.

-  Ann Norman suggested that we review the Grass Roots contract to ensure we are getting all the services paid for.

-  Vivian Smith raised the concern that Grass Roots is not keeping the walkway clean like they should.

-  Denise Williams suggested that it may be time to get new bids for grounds maintenance services

-  Fred Hueston voiced concern about potentially broken irrigation lines

-  Joe Lehmann inquired about who is responsible for maintaining and potentially replacing walkway and fencing along the walkway from Pippinpost leading to the public walking trail

- - No motions for action on any of the above discussion items were made; however, Ed Raniszeski said the 2016 Board was committed to looking into each item and would take action where needed as soon as possible and affordable

Holiday Décor Discussion:

 -  Sue Hines mentioned that the holiday decor that was placed at the entrance years ago was stolen

-  President Ed Raniszeski suggesting adding a flag pole and American flag at entrance

- There was Member consensus, although no motion from the floor, that the Board look into the purchase and display of seasonal décor at the Pippinpost main entrance

Animal Control Ordinance Discussion:

-  President Ed Raniszeski advised that several neighbors have raised concerns about dogs and cats being unleashed and roaming the neighborhood as well as neighbors not picking up pet waste while walking their dogs.

- A copy of the Conway Animal Control Ordinance was distributed to the attending members; also, a request was made that all neighbors politely reinforce the need and responsibility with those immediate neighbors with pets to manage their pets within Conway law as well as in the spirit of Pippinpost neighborliness


-  Denise Williams suggested sending out a monthly email reminding neighbors of topic of choice

- Concerns were raised about on-street parking in front of PNA homes located near the public walkway leading to Margarete Vann school.

-  President Ed Raniszeski distributed copies of the Conway ordinance concerning putting out and taking in of trash containers

-  President Ed Raniszeski reminded community Members to submit construction and renovations plans to the Architectural Control Committee for review and approval prior to commencing any project in accordance with Pippinpost Covenants and By-Laws.

-  Jim Capps reminded community of his willingness to continue helping with the PNA FaceBook site and PNA website. Ed Raniszeski added that the website and use of social media would be a Board priority and that the Board would be brainstorming ways to improve use of social media and the website.


- Ann Norman motioned to adjourn meeting.  Fred Hueston seconded that motion.